My Day Off

Skyler (roommate) tried waking me up for breakfast.


I bet he just wanted to go to (w)Awful House anyway. So I slept until 4pm. Take that, Skyler.

I started hearing voices today. I felt normal other than that, but kept hearing “Hey!”s and “Anna.” from behind and beside me. I haven’t heard anything since around 6pm, and I’m hoping lots of sleep will keep me from upping my medicine. Cross yo fingers!

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Being Bipolar

I wore my Mania-Jeans today.

All my Depression-Jeans were dirty, so I had to squeeze these on. They won’t zip or button but it’s not like I’m gonna do laundry. As with most diagnosed bipolar (the ones I know, at least) I binge-eat when I’m depressed but forget to eat while manic. I’m 5’8 but weighed 105 during my last mania. When I’m depressed, I get up to 145. I wouldn’t mind so much if it didn’t drain me of absolutely all energy.

Spent this Saturday at the coffee house visiting roommate/bestfriend’s parents. They came from out of state to see his paintings. His Grandpa had a special pen — like from Seinfeld — and claimed it could write in outer-space. I can’t test it. He might be telling the truth. Amazing.


I woke up at 10:50pm today.13731628_10153880788163460_2700647648300904677_n

I’m supposed to be at work at 10:30pm, so I bolted out of bed and speed smoked a cigarette for breakfast. My boss was light-hearted when I got to work… still sucked, though.

The kitchen made me Larb for breakfast. Get it the next time you eat thai. Also, you know what I’ve been thinking? It’s sad that cats can’t catch the laser pointer.






I started work at Thai Diner on Sunday. The cold weather kept business slow this week, so I asked if I could bring my computer in. m8sen2-l-610x610-pants-tommy+hilfiger-aliyah-crop+tops--tommy+hilfiger+crop-aaliyah-bandeau-aaliyah+shirt-tube-shirtThey said yes. I’ve worked every shift, lunch and dinner, since I started, and the boss has me watch the grandkids, too.
Their little girl is named Aaliyah. She’s on her tablet now while I wait for more customers.

The biggest thing that happened today was my conversation with table #11. They shared their first crushes: Zach Efron and Kelly Kapowski (from Saved By The Bell). Then I shared mine.

Are you read for it? Here we go.

Maury Povich.

That’s right. His show got watched all alone, in my room. Long live Maury Povich! maury-povich-people-in-tv-photo-1.jpeg

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


My name’s Kitty Dukakis… and I’m an alcoholic.

Wait — no. Let me try that again.

My name’s Anna Walker… and sometimes I stare at people until they look like aliens.

Anyway, I’d like to let you know it was only 30º for us here in Arkansas, with freezing rain and sad people on mope-peds. No one came into the restaurant I work at, so I left early for my roommate/best friend’s art reception.


Our friends Shae and Katelyn came. They wanted to hang out after, but I was busy.

“Doing what?”

“Writing in my blog.”

“About what?”

“Maybe this.”

“Do not put me in your stupid blog.”

“Can I quote you on that?”


“Do not put me in your stupid blog.” — Shae Higgins


And that was my day in a nutshell. But not actually. In a nutshell, I mean. Tune in next time for more words! ❤


Why am I not in jail?


My gypsy family of petty-crime (and our sweet-ass birdhouse)
  • This month alone I passed off THREE dirty pennies as dimes
  • I can’t see the merit in artwork done by a child (I won’t see the merit in artwork done by a child)
  • After a year on it with no sheets, I sold a mattress at resale price
  • I say half-hazard knowing full well it’s haphazard. No plans to change
  • After my card was declined purchasing Pedialyte, a lady in line paid for it. She thought it was for my kid. It was for my hangover